Tian Fang Lou Restaurant

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Tian Fang Lou Restaurant

Located near the Huangcheng Mosque in ChengduTian Fang Lou Restaurant covers an area of more than 700 square meters, decorated in Islamic characteristic. Tian Fang Lou Restaurant is famous for Islamic cuisine with Sichuan characteristics, the food material is chose carefully and the production process is strictly accordance with Islamic tradition.

Its mutton cooked with various styles and the noodles are definitely worthy of a try. Beef dishes are low-fat protein. The restaurant combines the features of the traditional and new Sichuan cuisine with authentic halal food. The restaurant is famous for whole-sheep feast. Visitors can also enjoy the Cashew cow tongue, Muslim-style lamb chops, and sirloin and so on.

Signature Dishes: Whole-Sheep Feast, Cashew Cow Tongue, Muslim-style Lamb Chops, Beef Cake, Noodle with Soybean Paste 

Business Hours: 09:00AM—12:00PM

Parking Pot: YES

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