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  • Nadiah Cai
    “I like to explore the old history of China and more willing to share the mystery of China.”

    -- Nadiah Cai

    “They have helped me find my second home and my life has become more and more wonderful and meaningful since I entered into the second home.”

    -- LILY YANG

    “They all feel amazed and admire China for its rich history. After their tour in Beijing, they all deeply love this beautiful place.”

    -- SUNNY LIU

    “That I'm an active and outgoing girl with patience and understanding.”

    -- MARY GONG

    “Been a professional guide need to keep a good state of mind.”

    -- KEVIN LI

    “My clients are all unique and each and every single one of them have given me the opportunity to provide them with a unique experience.”

    -- RUBY YUAN

    “My sense of humor and ability to adapt well to different clients.”

    -- PETER QU

Our expert tour guides provide the most profesional services.
    “I can meet many different guest every day, See them happy I am also very happy. This Job is very exercise.”

    -- CICI CHEN

  • Billy

    -- Billy

  • BillyZeng

    -- BillyZeng

  • Sunny
    “like u”

    -- Sunny

  • kin

    -- kin

  • steven

    -- steven

  • Alexandra Hoo

    -- Alexandra Hoo

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We Hosted 380 Person Incentive Group From Indonesia

We Hosted 380 Person Incentive Group From Indonesia

We Hosted Indonesian guest as many as 380 pax for incentive touring in the city of Shenzhen during early of March 2009, Below showing the big picture where guest enjoy the night meeting in one arra ...

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Beijing Branch
Beijing Branch

B1105, R & F Twins Tower No.55 East of 3rd Ring Middle RoadBeijing, China

t: +8610 5876 4683

f: +8610 5876 4013

e: Beijing@chinatouradvisors.com

Shanghai Branch
Shanghai Branch

15 Floor. C Smiec Mansion 445 Jiangning Road Shanghai, China

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Hong Kong Branch
Hong Kong Branch

1201.12/F Cheuk Nang Centre 9-11A Hillwood Road. Tsimshatsui.Kowloon

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Guangzhou Branch
Guangzhou Branch

2305, South Tower of Yuexiu City Square No.437 Dongfeng Road Guangzhou, China

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Zhuhai Branch
Zhuhai Branch

Room 1004. Zhongzhu Mansion,No.1081 Yingbin Road,Gongbei Zhuhai a

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e: Zhuhai@chinatouradvisors.com

Los Angeles Branch
LosAngeles Branch

20539 E. Walnut Dr. N., Suite E,Walnut CA 91789,Los Angeles

t: 1-909-598-3987

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Guilin Branch
Guilin Branch

Room 488, Nancheng Department Store, No.26 Lijiang Road, Guilin

t: +86 773 5812822

f: +86 773 5812844

e: Guilin@chinatouradvisors.com

Macau Branch
Macau Branch

Travessa Do Padre Narcisco No.5-9 R/C C,Macau

t: +853 2835 4471

f: +853 2835 3141

e: Macau@chinatouradvisors.com

Singapore Branch
Singapore Branch

21 Bukit Batok Crescent #16-79 WCEGA TOWER Singapore 658065

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e: Singapore@chinatouradvisors.com

Xi'an Branch
Xi'an Branch

Room A1715,Haixing Plaza,KeJiRoad, High-Tech Development,Xi'an,Shaanxi,China

t: +8629-88153710

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e: Xian@chinatouradvisors.com

Shenzhen Branch
Shenzhen Branch

12th Floor, Pacific Building No.4028 Jiabin Road Shenzhen, China

t: +86 755 82138850

f: +86 755 82136069

e: Shenzhen@chinatouradvisors.com

Chengdu Branch
Chengdu Branch

1205,unit 1, Building 1, Shangding International, No.27 Renmin South Road, Chengdu, China

t: +8628-86085889

f: +8628-85979170

e: Chengdu@chinatouradvisors.com