Feed Back

Feedback from Chengdu Xian Beijing 15 Days Tour

Dear Bob,

I am back home and rested from the long flights. We loved China e we loved China Tour Advisors services. Our 3 guides were wonderful persons, full of knowledge about their respective places and lots of much more information about China as a whole country. We appreciatede very much David, Rocky and Holly. Their are gentle, punctual, funny, friendly, and very competent guides. The 3 drivers are excelent professionals. I strongly recommend these 3 guides since they are number one guides. They did everything to make our tour a huge success.

Our trip went wonderfully well in all aspects. We saw 5 special shows and one of them was not in the original itinerary, but David, in Chengdu, suggested and we pronptly accepted, it was the Changing Faces with several other presentations. Before the show we saw an auction of art painting and it was very pictoresque. I think this show should be part of China Tour Advisors itinerary on all your tours.

I am glad to say that I will recommend China Tour Advisors services to all my friends and relatives, since we have no complains and we are so very glad with our trip. I hope I can go back to China one day, this time to visit the modern China in Shanghai.

The hotels were excellent and the food too. It was very important to have lunch included on the package, since we would not be able to order food by ourselves. The guides helped us ordering the dishes with no pepper (tourists usually don't like spicy food). The restaurants they suggested were very good and had a big variety of delicious dishes.

What impressed me most was to see that China is ready to receive tourists, with huge airports and lots of domestic flights. China is amazing. You chinese people take care of your historical locations and you preserve all national monuments. The roads are good and the cities are clean. The cities have very large avenues and traffic is not so bad as I expected. I am impressed.

Thank you from the botton of our hearts.

Best regards,

Zélia Ramos Madeira