Feed Back

Feedback about Beijing and Xian Hangzhou Shanghai 10 Days Tour

Hi Bob!
I am sorry I didn't respond earlier. After China, we did more touring in Korea, so I didn't have time to write before today. Our vacation is now over.
Thank you for organizing everything. We had an absolutely wonderful experience in China! We were especially grateful to have our own private guide and driver. We saw a lot of tour groups that got stuck in traffic and we were very glad that all of our expenses and reservations were taken care of in advance.
All three of our guides were good.

Mili, our guide in Beijing was good at reorganizing the itineraries to make sure we didn't get stuck in traffic and avoided many crowds. However, she did not provide as much information as we would have liked. She seemed uninterested by the monuments and said several things were boring. This was surprising coming from a tour guide! Yet, she was able to answer all our questions and was friendly and took good care of us.

Tony, our guide in Xi'an, was absolutely amazing. He provided us with lots of information and interesting facts and anecdotes. He seemed interested and passionate. We really enjoyed listening to him, and he really taught us a lot about history and Chinese culture. He also helped us out by buying a book for us and helping us get money when we ran out. He was truly amazing. Our only disappointment in Xi'an was that we were not able to see the Muslim quarters as mentioned in the itinerary. We understand it isn't your fault, and that it was due to political circumstances.

Finally, the guide who picked us up at the end of the trip and took us to the airport was patient and friendly. She even tried to help us go back to the train and talked to people when my dad left his sunglasses on the train! Even though she did not give us any tours, she still provided us with interesting information about Chinese customs.
All the drivers were excellent, and the cars were very comfortable.

The Holiday Inn Express hotel exceeded expectations. It was very comfortable and clean. The hotel in Xi'an was not quite as nice, but it was still to our satisfaction.
As far as the food goes, we had a lot more food than we needed. 80 Yuan per person seems to be way too much. When we ate the meals included in the tour, we always had way too much food and couldn't eat all of it. When we were on our own, we spent about 20 yuan per person on food and that seemed to be plenty. Perhaps a suggestion would be to bring down the amount of money for each meal in order to bring the price of the tour down. I understand that people eat different amounts of food, so it is difficult for you to judge how much money to reserve for the meals.

All of the food was good, and the choice of restaurants was nice. We enjoyed trying new things.

We can't thank you enough for your excellent organizational skills. We never had to wait for anything, we never felt lost, and we knew we could trust our guides and drivers. This was a priceless experience and we will definitely recommend you in the future and you will be our first contact if we decide to visit China again.