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Inside Garze Zang Minority Autonomous Prefecture, there is a relatively advanced road transportation network, based on several trunk roads such as National Highway 318 and 317 and five provincial highways. With the rapid development of Garze tourism in recent years, the county has begun to construct a tourism ring road, which in the future will link tourist spots inside the prefecture such as Kangding, Yading, Litang and Danba with spots outside such as Shangri-La in Diqing City, Lake Lugu in Lijiang and Siguniang Shan Mountain in Aba Prefecture. In the future, it will be very convenient for tourists to travel throughout southwest China.

Ganzi Kangding Bus Station Tele: 0836-2822211
Ganzi Daocheng Bus Station Tele: 0836-5728762


The nearest railway station is Lugu Railway Station, located in Jiulong County within Ganzi Zang Minority Autonomous Prefecture, and serves as a junction where Jiujiang railway line and Chengdu - Kunming Railway line meet. Jiulong County is the one closest to railway transport in the whole prefecture. Lugu Railway Station mainly serves for passenger transport.

Tips: The majority of scenic spots in Ganzi County are wide and flat, ideal for horse riding. Travelers can rent horses to enjoy the scenery of the wild and pastoral life.

Kanding transportation

Dartsendo (Kangding) is located in a narrow gorge along the raging Zheduo River (Cheto Chu), with an altitude of 2560m, 270km west to Chengdu. This is the traffic hub between Sichuan & Tibet, a gathering place for the traders and transportation, the door to Tibet.

Travel Kangding by air: In 2008, Kangding airport was put into use, now visitors can take flights from Chengdu to Kangding in Just 40 minutes. The airline from chengdu to Kangding makes tours to Kangding more easier and comfortable.It is said Kangding airport is the second highest airport in China now.

Buses from Chengdu to Kanding: You can catch buses at Chengdu Xinnanmen tourist bus center. There are buses to Dartsendo (Kangding) run from 7 to 10 in the morning, it takes seven hours on the way. The route is Chengdu-Ya'an-Tianquan-Luding-kangding. It is express way about 120km from Chengdu to Ya`an, and 38km highway from Ya`an to Tianquan, and then serpentines begins. Nowadays the tunnel of Mt. Erlang has put into operation, which is 4km in length, make the traffic going on smoothly. It is nice to enjoy the sightseeing of Mt.Qionglai Gorge and Mt.Erlang on the way.

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