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De Shun Lou Restaurant

De Shun Lou is a time-honored Muslim restaurant near the famous Niujie Mosque which is the largest mosque in Beijing. Niujie is a street where many Muslims live here. With many Muslims, halal restaurants in this zone are relatively well developed. Based on the traditional Halal food, there are many innovative halal dishes. De Shun Lou is one of the well-known Muslim restaurants in this street.

The most famous dish of De Shun Lou is steamed lamb which is created by the original chef team. Another famous innovative dish in De Shun Lou is peach duck. You cannot miss the braised oxtail. The restaurant maintains the traditional flavor while striving to be innovative.

Signature Dishes: Steamed Lamb, Peach Duck, Braised Oxtail, Streamed Mutton, Ma Tofu

Business Hours: 10:00-14:00, 16:300-21:00

Parking Pot: YES

Braised Oxtail

Fried Duck with Walnuts


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